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Product Design Degree

Project by: Borja Gomendio

years training designers

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4 years


4 years


240 ECTS


Face-to-face in Madrid




September 2023




1st and 2nd year (morning), 3rd and 4th year (afternoon).


Last available spots for the 2023-2024 course.

UDIT was the first and only university to obtain official recognition of this University Degree in Spain by ANECA.

Fabrication laboratory to build prototypes and develop your practical work with cutting-edge technologies and equipment, some of which are unique in Spanish universities.

Awarded national and international prizes in a multitude of competitions and contests.


Only University specialising in Design and Technology

Our University Campus located in the heart of Madrid is full of activities, masterclasses, catwalks, contests, fairs, events, etc. to maximise students’ creativity.

Pioneers. More than 20 years making history

Precursors in elevating design degrees to the university level, creating the first Official Degrees in Product Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Video Game Design and Development or Multimedia and Graphic Design.

International Vocation

We have numerous agreements with some of the best universities in the world of design so that our students can incorporate international and multicultural experience into their time at university.

Methodology and excellence

The very typology of our degrees allows us to use a learning methodology based on real projects. We seek your excellence.

Business connection

More than 2,200 agreements signed with leading companies in the sector for the professional practice of our students; advice and exchange of experiences and research.

State-of-the-art facilities

More than 13,000 m2 of specialised facilities with the best resources and equipment used by large companies in the sector.


The Product Design Degree Curriculum consists of 240 ECTS credits divided into 4 courses.

Consult the Teaching Guides for the Product Design Degree.

You will begin by learning techniques for the stimulation of creativity and you will delve into the aspects of manual and digital drawing. You will learn about the socio-cultural, aesthetic, artistic and methodological factors of projects in order to make better decisions. You will work with professional software on real projects in the fields of packaging, light vehicles and household goods.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
Introduction to the Design Industry 1 6
Fundamentals of Creativity and its Application to the Project 1 6
History of Art and Design 1 6
Technical Drawing I 1 6
English I A 6
Artistic Drawing A 6
Technical Drawing II 2 6
Theory and Practice of Colour 2 6
Project Workshop I 2 6
Sociocultural Evolution of Design 2 6

Basic technical aspects (mechanics, kinematics, energy), materials and three-dimensional representation of objects for their design and development are addressed. You will learn user-centred design; its psychological aspects, as well as the application of ergonomics and accessibility. You will work on real design projects in areas such as furniture, lighting and accessories.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
Digital Representation Techniques I 1 6
Design and Society 1 6
Materials for Design 1 6
Technical Fundamentals of Design 1 3
Ergonomics and Accessibility 2 3
Design Culture 2 3
User-centred design 2 6
Entrepreneurship 2 6
English II A 6
Project Workshop II A 12

You will delve into the science of materials and their importance for the viability of ideas. You will work on mock-ups and prototypes, as well as basic analysis of electronics, mechanical and structural design and Quality Management and Environmental Management systems. Real projects in footwear design, consumer electronics, air, water or land transport are also worked on.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
Materials Science 1 6
Quality Management 1 3
Models and Prototypes I 1 6
Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics 1 3
Models and Prototypes II 2 6
Mechanical and Structural Design 2 6
Production Techniques 2 6
Project Workshop III A 12
Digital Representation Techniques II A 12

You will study all the impacts of marketing, communication, serial production management and interactive product design (sensors, motor programming), service design and robotics.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
Design Management 1 6
Design Applied to Mass Production 1 6
Experimental and Interdisciplinary Design Workshop 1 6
Interactive Design 2 6
Communication and Marketing 2 6
Deontological Ethics, Professional Skills and Applied Legislation 2 6
External Academic Internships A 12
Final Degree Project A 12

Connecting with Businesses

The relationship between University/Business is vital for the professional success of the students, which is why professional internships are a fundamental aspect of the curricula of all our degrees. UDIT is constantly working to foster partnerships with companies, developing an ecosystem of companies and institutions that collaborate in the professional development of our students.

We have signed more than 2.000 active internship agreements with leading companies in the sector such as:

Feedback from students

Prizes and awards

The talent of our students has played a leading role in major national and international competitions over the years:







Our university campus has the best technological and professional equipment, that is also used in large companies. You will have at your disposal 13,000 m2, spread over three buildings, with state-of-the-art facilities designed for your learning and practice.

  • "State-of-the-art hardware and software adapted to the needs of each subject"

  • "A physical archive with 300 innovative and sustainable materials accessible for your projects"

  • "You will prototype your designs by creating real objects with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery"


At UDIT we are constantly working to foster partnerships with the best universities and companies related to design and advertising. We seek to promote opportunities for our students, incorporating international and multicultural experience into your time at university.

You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, courses or conferences in English, and take part in international trips, workshops, experiences and programmes.

Exclusive partnership agreement. ESNE students will be able to access special conditions in courses given by the prestigious Colleges of the University of the Arts London. We are the only university institution in Spain with this type of agreement signed with UAL. Further information

Career opportunities

Hundreds of our Product Design alumni are already working in the main companies in the sector in areas and positions such as:

  • Complements and accessories design
  • Exhibition design
  • Consumer electronics design
  • Lighting equipment design
  • Integral design
  • Toy design
  • Machine and tool design
  • Furniture and street furniture design
  • Packaging design
  • Sports and professional product design
  • Design of means of transport services
  • Consultancy

Go one step further

If you’re interested in this program, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you resolve your doubts and guide you through the process of choosing your future.

You can count on me to answer all your questions.


Student Advisor at UDIT



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If you have any questions or if you want to set up your access, please write or call us on +34 915 55 25 28.