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IF Furniture system

IF is a system of modular furniture which, in the face of the changes undergone by city dwellings, works on the questions: Are there too many of us? Are we accumulating too much? How can we balance the space we have with the objects we have to place in it?

The project takes into account the more emotional side; the user’s search for mental wellbeing and individual stability without the need for third parties, and the more rational side of today; housing needs, existing mechanisms and functionalities for a simple and intuitive design, all with a touch of Scandinavian style that brings the warmth of a home.

Thus, she proposes a system with two modules, one vertical and the other horizontal, which will be the main protagonists in the new space designed by the student. It offers multiple possibilities for storage, rest, work and leisure, to obtain a space of mental, physical and social balance.