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Master’s Degree in Interior Design

Project by: María Menéndez Gago


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9 Months


9 Months




Face-to-face in Madrid




October 2023 - June 2024




Monday to Thursday, 18:30 to 22:00. One Friday per month, 18:30 to 22:00.


Official Master’s Degree in Interior Design. Redirect your professional career or deepen your studies in interior design.

Innovative collaboration model between University and Industry. Guaranteed internships in leading companies in various sectors.

Fully face-to-face training at the leading center in design and technology areas in Spain.

Cutting-edge teams, facilities, and software for you to develop your projects with the tools used in major companies.


Only university specialising in Design and Technology

Our University Campus located in the heart of Madrid is full of activities, masterclasses, catwalks, contests, fairs, events, etc. to maximise students’ creativity.

Pioneers. More than 20 years making history

Precursors in elevating design degrees to the university level, creating the first Official Degrees in Product Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Video Game Design and Development or Multimedia and Graphic Design.

International vocation

We have numerous agreements with some of the best universities in the world of design so that our students can incorporate international and multicultural experience into their time at university.

Methodology and excellence

The very typology of our degrees allows us to use a learning methodology based on real projects. We seek your excellence.

Business connection

More than 2,200 agreements signed with leading companies in the sector for the professional practice of our students; advice and exchange of experiences and research.

State-Of-The-Art facilities

More than 13,000 m2 of specialised facilities with the best resources and equipment used by large companies in the sector.


The curriculum of the Master’s Degree in Interior Design consists of 60 ECTS credits and has a duration of one year.

It has been designed taking into account the most experienced voices in the industry and higher education to give it a strong professional focus.

Consult the Teaching Guides of the Master’s Degree in Interior Design.

You will analyze the progress of interior design in the 20th-21st centuries, evaluating contemporary furniture design and relevant projects from recent history. You will also study trends, color, and texture for application in interior design projects.

You will study innovative materials and their application, as well as the comparison of resistant elements, compartments, and coverings in interior projects. Sustainability will be prioritized in each project, along with defining elements such as carpentry and locksmithing.

You will learn to work with the issues of existing installations in any interior design project and apply them in accordance with technological innovations and energy efficiency.

You will analyze and evaluate lighting measurements and characteristics to apply suitable lighting systems to each project. Relevant case studies will be examined, and you will develop a specific lighting project.

You will work with appropriate technological tools and graphic representation methodologies that enhance the project’s vision and communication.

You will engage in project management, learning personal development techniques, defining personal communication skills, and studying real estate digitalization.

You will apply ergonomic concepts and their implications in interior spaces, as well as the processes of creation and manufacturing of elements and furniture through graphic documentation and prototyping.

You will learn about the importance of design from the perspective of nature and sustainability, seeking user well-being and prioritizing basic user comfort concepts. Biophilic design will be defined, using vegetation as a design element.

You will learn the applicable foundations for creating residential spaces, taking into account different housing typologies and developing a specific project.

You will analyze different typologies of public spaces such as commercial areas, restaurants, or workspaces, categorizing each space and studying relevant case studies that will facilitate the completion of a specific project.

You will learn about current trends and typologies of ephemeral and exhibition spaces, as well as the materiality specific to ephemeral elements. You will apply specific techniques to defined projects and study relevant case studies that will support the completion of a specific project.

Connecting with Businesses

The relationship between University/Business is vital for the professional success of the students, which is why professional internships are a fundamental aspect of the curricula of all our degrees. UDIT is constantly working to foster partnerships with companies, developing an ecosystem of companies and institutions that collaborate in the professional development of our students.

We have signed more than 2.000 active internship agreements with leading companies in the sector such as:


Our university campus has the best technological and professional equipment, that is also used in large companies. You will have at your disposal 13,000 m2, spread over three buildings, with state-of-the-art facilities designed for your learning and practice.

  • "A physical archive with 300 innovative and sustainable materials accessible for your designs"

  • "You will prototype your designs by creating real objects with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery"

  • "You will use 360º technology to adapt your renders and make virtual tours"

  • "State-of-the-art equipment and software adapted to the needs of each subject area"

Feedback from students

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Master’s Degree in Interior Design can work in leading companies in various positions, including:

  • Project Designer and Manager
  • Interior Design Project Director
  • Elements and Furniture Designer
  • Event Design
  • Retail Design Strategic Consultant
  • Design of spaces for brand identity applied to workspaces and user experience and comfort
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Scenography
  • Exhibition Design in museum settings.

Go one step further

If you’re interested in this program, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you resolve your doubts and guide you through the process of choosing your future.

You can count on me to answer all your questions.


Student Advisor at UDIT



Interior Design is a growing sector. There is an increasing demand for professionals who can transform spaces to connect with consumers and users. You can specialize in different areas such as retail, hospitality, residential, and furniture design. You can also work in areas like renovation, scenography, lighting, visual merchandising, or landscaping.

The Master’s Degree lasts for 1 year, from October to July, comprising 60 ECTS credits.

This Master’s Degree is primarily aimed at graduates of Higher Artistic Education degrees, graduates of bachelor’s degrees or university degrees in Design (any specialization), as well as graduates of other degrees with a focus on design, specifically interior design and decoration.

Some specific examples include graduates in Fine Arts, graphic designers, product designers, fashion designers, etc. It is also open to graduates of more technical or applied sciences programs such as Engineering, Architecture, or Technical Architecture, who want to complement their professional profile with this specialization.

Some specific examples include graduates in Fine Arts, graphic designers, product designers, fashion designers, etc. It is also open to graduates of more technical or applied sciences programs such as Engineering, Architecture, or Technical Architecture, who want to complement their professional profile with this specialization.

Every year, the demand for more emotional spaces, the need to differentiate oneself in moments of connection with the client or user, and the trend towards restoration and rehabilitation of spaces continue to grow.

These needs place this profession at the forefront of the new demand for designers, offering the opportunity to be involved in all current issues through the sensitivity of creativity and the synergies of training among architects, designers, and technicians.

Quality Management System

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If you have any questions or if you want to set up your access, please write or call us on +34 915 55 25 28.