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Credit recognition and validations

Credit recognition and validations

If you are thinking about redesigning your career, you still have time. Request your validation study without any commitment.

Every year, UDIT welcomes students from different degrees who have decided to seek a change in their academic trajectory.

UDIT, University of Design and Technology, recognizes credits obtained in other degrees such as other university degrees, higher-level vocational training, or any official university degree as long as all the conditions are met.

Now may be your moment.

Dare and take the step to request your credit recognition study without any commitment. We will inform you about the credits we can validate based on your completed studies.


It consists of the acceptance, by UDIT, of credits passed by the student in official higher education or university courses, as long as the established requirements are met.

Any prospective student who has access to official Bachelor’s degree studies and holds or has completed and passed official higher education or university studies can request a credit recognition study:

  • Bachelor’s degrees
  • Bachelor’s or equivalent degrees (Diplomas, Licenses, or Architects)
  • Higher-level vocational training
  • Higher professional training certificate

Those students coming from foreign university systems recognized as equivalent to any of the official Spanish higher education degrees.

And prospective students whose work experience is related to the competencies inherent in the Bachelor’s degree studies to be pursued.


You must provide the minimum required information or carry out the process through the University Orientation Service.

The documentation to be provided is:

  • Photocopy of valid ID card, NIE, or passport
  • Credit recognition application
  • Original documentation sealed by the Secretary’s Office of the previous institution, depending on the studies completed.

Depending on the studies completed, the following documentation must be provided:


  • Personal Academic Certification
  • Official Curriculum
  • Syllabi of completed subjects


  • Personal Academic Certification
  • Curriculum published in the Official Gazette (B.O.E.)
  • Programs of approved subjects


  • Personal Academic Certification
  • Curriculum published in the Official Gazette (B.O.E.)

Higher Vocational Training Technician Degree

  • Personal Academic Certification
  • Curriculum published in the Official Gazette (B.O.E.)


  • Personal Academic Certification

Certification issued by the University of Origin stating that the studies required to obtain the corresponding degree have not been completed in the home country or the resolution denying the recognition of the issued degree by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport, indicating the possibility of partial study validation.

Documents from foreign universities or institutions will require diplomatic legalization of the original documents unless they are from countries adhering to the Hague Convention, in which case the apostille will be sufficient.

They must be translated by the Language Interpretation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by officially recognized organizations in Spain (UNESCO, Ibero-American Education Office…) or by a sworn translator duly authorized or registered.


Certification from the General Treasury of the Social Security indicating the company, job category (contribution group), and employment period.

Employment contract or certification from the company where work experience was acquired, specifying the duration of the contract periods, the activity carried out, and the time interval in which the activity was performed.

The deadline to submit the Credit Recognition Study application and submit the academic documentation indicated in the previous section opens from the beginning of the admission period for the upcoming academic year until the last working day of September of the current year.

Once the Application for the Credit Recognition Study and the required academic documentation have been submitted, the Academic Committee will prepare a non-binding “Preliminary Study” with the information on the credits that could be recognized.

The “Preliminary Study” will be sent to the email provided in the Credit Recognition Study application.

For this “Preliminary Study” to become binding and for the transfer and recognition of credits to be carried out in the student’s academic record, the following requirements must be met:

  • Have completed and passed the Admission Tests established by UDIT.
  • Have received the Letter of Admission for the academic year in which the student will enroll.
  • Have completed the administrative and academic enrollment, enrolling in a minimum of 30 credits, exempting the ones to be recognized.
  • Formally and in person accept the Preliminary Study at the Academic Secretariat by signing it.

Once these requirements are met, the Academic Committee will certify that all the established requirements (admission, enrollment, documentation, etc.) are fulfilled and will prepare the Binding Credit Recognition Report.

The student will be notified by the Academic Committee of the existence of the Binding Report so that they can accept it at the Academic Secretariat and any necessary modifications can be made to the official enrollment for the current academic year.

When the Binding Credit Recognition Report is accepted by the student and the transfer of credits is made in the official academic record, the student is exempt from taking the corresponding subject recognized in the enrolled degree at UDIT.

The recognized subject in the current degree will be graded with the numerical grade provided by the subject for which it is recognized in the Official Academic Certification from the previous institution.

In case there is no numerical grade in the Official Academic Certification, it will appear as recognized but without a numerical grade in the Official Academic Record of the UDIT degree, which means it will not be taken into account for the final grade average.

For economic purposes, the student will benefit from a 75% discount on the value of the recognized credits, only having to pay 25% of the value of the recognized credits.


Did you know that if you have completed a Higher-Level Vocational Training course, you can access a University Bachelor’s degree?

At UDIT, we offer you a personalized and non-binding validation study, where you can find out how many credits can be recognized in your new educational goal.

From our Higher-Level Vocational Training courses:

If, after completing the Higher-Level Vocational Training course in 3D Animations, Games, and Interactive Environments, you want to pursue the Bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Development and Virtual Environments at UDIT, strong>a certain number of credits will be recognized depending on the specialization you choose: 114 credits if you choose the Art Specialization, 102 credits if you choose the Design Specialization, and 102 credits if you choose the Programming Specialization.

If you have completed this vocational training and want to study another one of our degrees, contact us and request your validation study.

If, after completing the Higher-Level Vocational Training course in Multiplatform Application Development (DAM), you want to pursue the Bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Development and Virtual Environments, 62 credits can be recognized.

If you have completed this vocational training and want to study another one of our degrees, contact us and request your validation study.


If you have any questions or if you want to set up your access, please write or call us on +34 915 55 25 28.