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Astroland Interplanetary Agency

This project is the result of a collaboration between ESNE and the company Astroland.

Initially, it was a re-adaptation of an existing Nolan helmet and, in turn, the integration of a special backpack for the suit, to later become a genuine scuba suit for Astroland, after applying improvements in design and usability. Product Design, including the Coordination and FabLab department, and Fashion Design, whose participation is mainly seen in the suit, were involved. The main objective of this set is to facilitate life in places with different atmospheric pressure, such as Mars. Thus, the project started with the helmet and the backpack, continuing with the diving suit, and with the intention of later designing suitable shoes, habitat products, utensils and even elements related to food. At present, the product continues to be tested and improved year after year in the field tests organised by Astroland.