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Animal Rescue Ship, NIMA World

Animal Rescue Ship is a submarine-shaped simulator developed for Nima World. It is intended to be implemented in shopping centres, theme parks, aquariums… in which the experience consists of a video game for the protection of biodiversity, with missions that present you with different situations that will encourage learning and awareness of the marine world. Designed to be enjoyed both with friends and family, Animal Rescue Ship was born with the idea of being an alternative or complement to the traditional.

Inspired by new manufacturing methods such as 3D printing, spacecraft and the combination of different materials and finishes, its shape, apart from being adapted to the interior components such as the screens, is based on a water drop or hydrodynamic shape, as it is intended to be as close as possible to what a ship or submarine destined to go underwater would be like.

The main body is made up of three different parts, a front part, which simulates the cabin of a ship, a central part, where the door and the upper rear part are located, and a third part, the low rear part, where the product is placed on the ground.

The door opening system would be sliding, with the whole central block, the sides of the door and the roof moving. The main components that give the sensation of speed would be two lateral thrusters joined to a large central one and a spoiler on the rear part of the roof. Finally, in its interior and to simulate the immersion, the front would be formed by 5 screens in cross, simulating a series of windows that are reflected in the exterior shape of the submarine.