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Dr. Javier Fernández de Gorostiza Luengo

Graduated in Physical Sciences and Electronic Engineering at the Autonomous and Complutense Universities of Madrid. D. in Robotics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where he has worked as assistant professor and researcher from 2002 to 2017, and collaborating in the RoboticsLab research group.
His multidisciplinary research focuses on the study and development of natural interaction systems applied to social robots, and includes topics such as multimodal interaction, dialogue management systems, non-verbal communication, and machine learning.
In parallel, he works as a “maker” with artists who want to introduce interactive technologies in their works. He is the creator of the DART platform, Dialogues between Art and Technology. He also collaborates as a science communicator in the magazine Tendencias21. As a musician, he works making soundtracks for film, documentary and theatre. He also works as a trumpet and guitar player, and as a composer in several bands.