Raclette Family Barbecue

Product developed in the context of an Educational Cooperation Agreement signed between ESNE and Carrefour Spain. Barbecue / Raclette, patented as the first commercial model at international level. It encourages participatory cooking, is adjustable, removable for dishwasher cleaning and is made of high quality sustainable materials. It includes a lid with tray function and a […]

Copper Project

The collaboration in the Design and Development of the Smart Electric Charger, has been the origin of a Framework Agreement for Research and Innovation ESNE / Wallbox Chargers, in the area of Electric Mobility. The first commercial project resulting from the collaboration was presented in Stuttgart at the EVS30 Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 2017. […]

Emotion Collection

This collection of high quality costume jewellery is the result of a collaboration with Ciclon Jewelry in the context of a subject related to accessories and technology. As a result of this experience, a student was awarded a scholarship and it was during this stay that she designed a collection with Swarovski crystals, which would […]

Mobile phone cover Ambiente

The perfume sector usually makes use of the potential of packaging and the added value it can contain inside, in order to remain competitive. This is the context in which the collaboration with Loewe Perfumes arose. In order to learn more about the subject, the students visited the brand’s facilities in different areas, which are […]

Drone it project

The students were introduced to the drone sector by the RPAS division of the company European Flyers, through their project subject, an area in constant development, with an ever-increasing number of applications. Anfibius is a drone designed for support and rescue at sea and other places with extreme weather conditions, such as deserts. It is […]

From olive tree to glass

Verallia (Saint Gobain Group), a leading glass packaging manufacturer, selected ESNE for the Design and Creation Contest. Under the slogan ‘The world of the olive tree’, it invited students to rediscover the fruits of this emblematic tree and its creative possibilities in glass packaging. The students of the University Degree in Product Design, after a […]

Experimental and interdisciplinary workshop

Experimental and Interdisciplinary Design Workshop for 4th year students of the Degree in Product Design. All the work is based on robotics, electronics and automatic control systems.

Animal Rescue Ship, NIMA World

Animal Rescue Ship is a submarine-shaped simulator developed for Nima World. It is intended to be implemented in shopping centres, theme parks, aquariums… in which the experience consists of a video game for the protection of biodiversity, with missions that present you with different situations that will encourage learning and awareness of the marine world. […]

Sokee coffee machine

Project Sokee is a capsule coffee machine that aims to eliminate the concept of waste. Capsules are a problem for the sustainability of the planet due to their incorrect recycling. This project proposes to close an infinite cycle of reuse. From them, aluminium is extracted, which can be infinitely recycled, and coffee, which can be […]