Astroland Interplanetary Agency

Escafandra Astroland Interplanetary

This project is the result of a collaboration between ESNE and the company Astroland. Initially, it was a re-adaptation of an existing Nolan helmet and, in turn, the integration of a special backpack for the suit, to later become a genuine scuba suit for Astroland, after applying improvements in design and usability. Product Design, including […]

Raclette Family Barbecue

Product developed in the context of an Educational Cooperation Agreement signed between ESNE and Carrefour Spain. Barbecue / Raclette, patented as the first commercial model at international level. It encourages participatory cooking, is adjustable, removable for dishwasher cleaning and is made of high quality sustainable materials. It includes a lid with tray function and a […]

Copper Project

The collaboration in the Design and Development of the Smart Electric Charger, has been the origin of a Framework Agreement for Research and Innovation ESNE / Wallbox Chargers, in the area of Electric Mobility. The first commercial project resulting from the collaboration was presented in Stuttgart at the EVS30 Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 2017. […]

Emotion Collection

This collection of high quality costume jewellery is the result of a collaboration with Ciclon Jewelry in the context of a subject related to accessories and technology. As a result of this experience, a student was awarded a scholarship and it was during this stay that she designed a collection with Swarovski crystals, which would […]