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This Final Degree Project aims to bring haute cuisine and technology closer to the public through the creation of a gastrobar, a relatively new concept that was born in London in the nineties through gastropubs and later arrived in Spain with the financial crisis, around 2008.

This is an establishment where diners will be able to try signature tapas at more affordable prices, surrounded by a modern environment in which, thanks to the bar-restaurant atmosphere and the introduction of different technological advances – such as a touch table, through which they can place their orders with total comfort and minimum time – they will be able to live a unique sensory experience.

The project consists, therefore, of the creation and design of the different graphic pieces that will build the brand image of this signature gastrobar-tapas concept, which also includes all the multimedia elements necessary to carry out the coexistence with the different technological supports. This interactivity will in turn be applied to the physical supports of the establishment, such as the programming and design of the tactile application of the aforementioned tables for diners.