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Sergio Santos Ortega

Graduate in Multimedia and Graphic Design. He has worked as an art director in various advertising agencies, both multinational and independent, specialising in digital creativity and social networks. He has worked for clients such as McDonald’s, BMW, MTv, Comedy Central, Philadelphia or Milka, as well as being in charge of the creation, strategy and launch of brands such as Mano de Santo at a national level.
He currently works as an art director, leading the creative team in the Social Media department at Ogilvy and Mather Madrid. He has won awards such as the Behance Appreciation Award and the Grand Prize at the international children’s communication festival El Chupete.
In addition, his quest for more inclusive and diverse advertising communication has led him to pursue a certification in Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ sexuality and gender identities at the University of Colorado Denver, which he puts into practice in all his creative projects.