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Dr. Rubén Buren

Rubén Buren, (Madrid, 1974) is a multidisciplinary artist. He holds a PhD in Media Research. University professor of Scriptwriting, Acting Direction, Character Creation or Drawing in several degrees and masters in Videogames, Animation, Cinema and TV. As a writer and director he has won several novel and theatre awards (Alfonso X el sabio de Novela, Honourable Mention Lope de Vega Theatre Award, UCM Theatre Awards, etc). Several of his plays have been translated and premiered in several countries. He works as a writer, director, actor or cartoonist in different media and has just finished his first feature film, ‘Maquis’ as a screenwriter, composer and director. As a cartoonist he worked for many years drawing series for TV (BBC, RTVE, Cosgrove productions, etc); he co-directed for 15 years an academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, oil painter and cartoonist on commission and for renowned interior designers (with more than 15 monographic solo exhibitions) and he is a cover artist and illustrator for several graphic media (Muy interesante, Ser padres, etc).