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Dra. Begoña López

Architect by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (M.H. 1989) and Doctor of Architecture with the thesis “Itinerarios de la Sombra. Concepts and Applications of the shadow as an expressive element in artistic creation”. She has been a registered architect since 1991 and was a founding partner of Abestudio Arquitectura in 2005. She has won several prizes in architecture competitions, her work has been published and exhibited in biennials, books and specialised magazines and she won the 2013 COAM Award for Built Work. From the outset, her professional activity has been combined with university teaching, as a lecturer in graphic design subjects. She has also given lectures and courses at foreign universities such as the Centro Studium Generale Marcianum in Venice, the Stroganov and Strelka Universities in Moscow, the ECA (Edinburgh College of Arts) and ESALA (Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture) in Edinburgh. Her interest in drawing as a tool for education, knowledge and exploration has led her to organise trips and workshops for students with sketchbook in hand, to places such as Greece, Egypt, France, India, Finland, Japan, Chicago, Los Angeles and Sicily. His fascination for graphic themes, so present in different creative disciplines such as architecture and design, has led him to develop a parallel plastic activity, having held solo exhibitions in Madrid, such as “Itinerarios de tinta” (December 2017) and “Allanamiento de mirada” (November 2019). She teaches the subjects of Colour and Graphic Creation in the 1st year of the degree in Audiovisual Design and illustration.

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