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Dr. Roberto Gamonal

University lecturer, graphic designer and researcher in subjects related to Design and Typography. He holds a PhD in Applied Creativity and teaches subjects related to Journalistic Design and Editorial Design in the Faculty of Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid. He is a member of the collective UnosTiposDuros and one of the founders of the Plómez Family, a cultural association for the preservation through an updated use of artisanal techniques of typographic composition and printing. He unites his two great passions, Journalism and Design, writing articles and participating in various congresses, conferences and lectures. He researches topics related to the discursive and communicative capacity of Design and is also a small collector of books, posters and old printing material. He has specialised in the design of typographic posters printed in letterpress. Some of his pieces have been selected for national and international exhibitions. Together with the Dominican designer Marova, he co-directs Santo Tipo, the Typographic Week of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), an event supported by the Cultural Centre of Spain.