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David Pérez Medina

Director of the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Graduate in Fine Arts (specialising in Design and Sculpture), UCM and Master’s Degree in Design Management, EOI. Specialist in Branding, sustainable design, editorial design, art direction and content, design of off-line and online publications, exhibition graphics and management and control of processes and production techniques. Lecturer and programme director in different Master’s programmes at various universities, including the Coventry School of Design in Great Britain. He is also associate creative director of Estudio Pérez Medina and trustee of the Fundación Diseño Madrid. Recognised with the award for the best teaching work in design by the students of the European University and with more than 15 national and international design awards for his professional activity: Laus ADG FAD, Daniel Gil de Diseño Editorial, Wine and Spirit Magazine, Conqueror, Arjo Wiggins, AEPD, Anuaria, Spanish Ministry of Culture and the European Union.