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Stones is a puzzle and simulation video game, which consists of creating small towers of stones, which are known as cairns. These small towers are very common, and it is rare not to have come across one at least once in your life. They are used to mark the way to follow on trails.

The idea for Stones came about because they wanted to make a game that was simple, but still looked beautiful, so that it would feel welcoming to play. Ideally, the game should graphically resemble games like AER: Memories of Old (Forgotten Key, 2017) or Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Megagon Industries, 2019).

Being a game based on real life, the sense of realism has been conveyed to the construction of cairns using physics, so if a stone is not well placed, not only will it fall under its own weight, but it can unbalance the rest, or hit them and cause them to fall.

Moreover, Stones is a game where you can’t lose. This is because we want to make a game that serves to escape and relax, so there are no pressures that bother the player, such as lives or time.

Stones will be playable on mobile and PC, with an eye towards virtual reality.