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Presentation of Board Game Prototypes

The 1st year students of the Degree in Video Game Design and Development present each year prototypes of board games developed in the subject Initiation to the creative process. The theme of this year’s edition was superheroes and the prototypes were tested in La comarca de los juegos.

Board games:

  • «Gang» – by Dandelions
    An evil genius has hired several villains to get hold of some very important information. If they get hold of it, they will get a large amount of money and the first villain to get it will be rewarded with a bonus. At the same time, an eccentric billionaire learns of the evil genius’ plans and tries to counteract his forces by hiring the best superhero and offering him a juicy reward. Hidden roles and surprises await you in this game.
  • «Hero Hive» – by Anemone Studio
    It was a quiet day in the city, until a famous archaeologist found at the bottom of some ruins an ancient message predicting the arrival of a horrible beast on the 24th of November 2073… THAT WAS 20 WEEKS FROM NOW! However, the prophecy also spoke of a legendary hero who would save mankind from its macabre destiny. Have fun in this game competing to be the most powerful hero and the most prepared for the final fight and decide how much to risk each turn. Its modular board makes each game different and the artistic design will delight you.
  • «Doomination» – by DD
    In Doomination we play a villain who fights against the other players in a strategic game of turn-based combat and cards. Only the player who can best anticipate the opponent’s moves will win.