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“Parky!” is an interactive application designed for mobile devices that enhances the experience of visitors to the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, using augmented reality and geolocation to carry out gymkhanas and mini-games.

It provides a way to connect and compete in these games with other users of the Park so that they can experience it in a different way, and adds the most important functions of the Parques Reunidos app in an easy, clear and more complete way, as well as useful information for visitors.

On the other hand, the aim is to create a tool for leisure centres such as other amusement parks, zoos, shopping centres or even tourist guides, which gamifies any space at a low cost, as it does not require the implementation of infrastructure or physical maintenance. The application also helps to get to know the visitors of these centres better by collecting anonymous data, which makes it possible to improve and personalise the experiences that can be offered to them.