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When the figure of the fashion designer is understood only through the category of design, a fundamental dimension is lost. To dress is to communicate. The designer’s work must be understood in this process of communication, appreciating fashion as a form of art, feelings and stories.
This Final Degree project develops the birth of marmeraromon, a personal portfolio that brings with it the presentation of the designer, a journey through her philosophy and values. A project aimed at luxury ready-to-wear fashion brands and focused on the presentation of her latest collection, HEAVEN (spring/summer 2021), with which she aims to connect with the client.
After researching and analysing the fashion industry and current consumer behaviour, a need for change has been detected. The textile sector, until now consumerist and massive, will give way to the creation of a fashion of reflection linked to the Slow movement, the one that connects with the customer and its environment.
The new consumer has different buying habits, tends to interact with brands through social media profiles, and will buy your product as long as they feel a kinship with what the brand stands for. It is not just about clothing, but about what it conveys as a whole and in context. For this reason, each firm dedicates a great deal of effort to showing its potential consumers the values that represent it and with which its customers can identify. Thus, at marmeraromon we work on fashion with its own identity through its history, designs and materials: transmitting a natural aesthetic that makes the customer feel UNIQUE, and attracts them through the concept, design, textile experimentation and craftsmanship.
The development of this project aims to capture the essence of marmeraromon, based on its values. With the aim of attracting attention and being hired by one of the chosen companies within the sector: Adolfo Dominguez, Cecilie Bahnsen or Jaquemus. And if she succeeds, marmeraromon will continue to grow within one of them and advance at the pace of fashion, until she becomes a benchmark… positioning herself as a designer of conceptual and artisanal fashion, being faithful to what identifies and defends her.