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Hotel Stimoli

Hotels are currently in a process of change. They are advancing like the technology that surrounds us towards new concepts that we would never have imagined before. A hotel is not just a place to sleep, it is a place where you travel, where you live, where you feel, how is it possible that a hotel can seem cold, limited or even old-fashioned when it is the place that replaces our home when we are far away?

From this question was born the Stimoli Boutique Hotel, the reform proposal for the current VP Jardín Metropolitano located on Avenida de la Reina Victoria in Madrid.

It was designed by breaking down the barriers of the hotel as we know it and creating transversal spaces that blend into each other, giving it great versatility.

This is so not only because of the new reading it is given but also because of the creation of a particular experience within it through the stimulation of our five senses.

This user experience, so important nowadays, is translated into the project with the creation of five membranes or curtains meticulously designed to awaken the sensations that we perceive with each of our senses. These, playing with different materials and textures according to the demands of each space, expand like a continuous landscape throughout the hotel, giving it a completely new and interactive second skin with the visitor.