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Explore the world together with your flying pet, collect delicious fruits and prepare tasty meals to take care of your cloud nursery. Immerse yourself in a cute and colourful world in this nice farm game.

Available throughout 2021 on both PC and Xbox, Clouzy! is a project that creates a safe space for players to express themselves and feel welcome. It does this by creating a stress-free gaming experience, accompanied by positive reinforcement, wrapped in a colourful aesthetic where diversity in gender and race is also key.

Take care of your cloud nursery by feeding and playing with them, explore a colourful world full of diverse biomes as you collect different ingredients to cook and turn into dishes that your clouds will love, complete your diary with adventures and experiences of special places throughout the game. All this accompanied by your flying pet, who will be there to give you a helping hand whenever you need it!

Download the game at: