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In Spain, the Association of Lactose Intolerant People (adilac) carries out informative and educational work for lactose intolerant patients, who often do not find the solution to their problems in doctors’ surgeries. It has also developed a series of symbols for manufacturers to include on their packaging, making lactose-free products recognisable.

The problem that has been detected, and which this project aims to solve, is that the symbols can be confusing and not very visible. Furthermore, it is necessary to unify the formal, typographic, colour, etc., code of lactose-free products in order to facilitate their purchase on the sales shelves. Currently, the predominant colour is purple, but not in all brands (e.g. lactose-free Philadelphia is white and light green).

Finally, it is intended to solve the problem that arises when it comes to enjoying free time with friends and family: being lactose intolerant you never know if you will be able to eat/drink something at the place you have arranged to meet your friends, for example.

Thus, a network of cafés/bars is unified, giving rise to an application in which the location of these places can be consulted, as well as the lactose-free products available in them.