Multimedia and Graphic Design Degree

Project by: Pablo García Robla

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4 years


4 years


240 ECTS


Face-to-face in Madrid


Spanish / English - Spanish (bilingual)


September 2023




1st and 2nd year (morning), 3rd and 4th year (afternoon).


Last available spots for the 2023-2024 course.

Curriculum 360. Graphic, Digital, Audiovisual, Advertising and 3D Design in the most complete University Degree.

You will be able to study in bilingual mode (Spanish/English).

More than 400 computers and graphic tablets with specific design software, as well as 1,200 m2 of workshops to bring your projects to life.


Only University specialising in Design and Technology

Our University Campus located in the heart of Madrid is full of activities, masterclasses, catwalks, contests, fairs, events, etc. to maximise students’ creativity.

Pioneers. More than 20 years making history

Precursors in elevating design degrees to the university level, creating the first Official Degrees in Product Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Video Game Design and Development or Multimedia and Graphic Design.

International Vocation

We have numerous agreements with some of the best universities in the world of design so that our students can incorporate international and multicultural experience into their time at university.

Methodology and excellence

The very typology of our degrees allows us to use a learning methodology based on real projects. We seek your excellence.

Business connection

More than 2,200 agreements signed with leading companies in the sector for the professional practice of our students; advice and exchange of experiences and research.

State-of-the-art facilities

More than 13,000 m2 of specialised facilities with the best resources and equipment used by large companies in the sector.


The Multimedia and Graphic Design Degree Curriculum consists of 240 ECTS credits divided into 4 courses.

Consult the Teaching Guides for the Multimedia and Graphic Design Degree:

Consult the Teaching Guides for the Multimedia and Graphic Design Degree in bilingual mode Spanish / English:


You will work on projects that will help you understand the nature and qualities of artistic, technical and digital drawing media and materials. The aim is to be able to represent concepts, subjects, techniques and materials through work that demonstrates originality and innovation, and that triggers an emotional response.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
History and Theory of Graphic Design 1 6
Fundamentals of Creativity A 6
Theory and Practice of Colour 1 6
Technical Drawing 1 6
Artistic Drawing A 12
English I A 6
History of Art I 2 6
Digital Design I: Vectorial Design 2 6
Digital Design II: Digital Image Processing 2 6

You will work on a range of techniques to generate and express complex ideas using techniques, sketches and drafts in an effective and professional manner. You will be able to produce effective and imaginative graphic communications.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
Project Workshop I: Corporate Identity, Signage and Packaging 1 6
Typography and Calligraphy 1 3
Audiovisual Communication 1 6
History of Art II 1 6
Interactive Design 1 6
English II A 6
Illustration and Comics 2 6
Psychology of Perception 2 3
Editorial Design and Layout 2 6
Web Design Fundamentals 2 6
Photography 2 6

You will analyse advertising and the media by understanding the factors that influence the choice and scheduling of advertising media. You will work with software applications to present graphic works in 2D and 3D animation and professional video.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
Applied Legislation 1 3
3D Infographics 1 6
Storyboarding and Applied Screenwriting 1 6
Advanced Web Design 1 6
Project Workshop II: Editorial Products A 6
Professional Practice A 15
Sociology and Marketing 2 3
3D Modelling 2 6
Products, Markets and Advertising Media 2 3
Advertising Video Editing 2 6

You will develop methods for the elaboration of complete design projects, working on conceptual, formal and technical aspects, such as the process of creating multimedia applications and 3D design or design, usability and coding in web languages.

Subject Semester ECTS credits Hours
Merchandising and Interactive Marketing 1 3
3D Animation 1 6
Web Layout with Style Sheets 1 3
Digital Post-production 2 6
Advertising and communication pieces 1 3
Product Delineation 1 3
Final Degree Project A 18
Packaging 2 3
Animation Programming 2 6
Art Direction 1 3
Advanced 3D 2 6

Connecting with Businesses

The relationship between University/Business is vital for the professional success of the students, which is why professional internships are a fundamental aspect of the curricula of all our degrees. UDIT is constantly working to foster partnerships with companies, developing an ecosystem of companies and institutions that collaborate in the professional development of our students.

We have signed more than 2.000 active internship agreements with leading companies in the sector such as:

Feedback from students

Prizes and awards

The talent of our students has played a leading role in major national and international competitions over the years:







Our university campus has the best technological and professional equipment, that is also used in large companies. You will have at your disposal 13,000 m2, spread over three buildings, with state-of-the-art facilities designed for your learning and practice.

  • "MediaLab, multimedia laboratory that brings your projects to life"

  • "200 CINTIQ graphic tablets and 400 computers with specific software"

  • "Turn your ideas into digital reality"


At UDIT we are constantly working to foster partnerships with the best universities and companies related to design and advertising. We seek to promote opportunities for our students, incorporating international and multicultural experience into your time at university.

You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, courses or conferences in English, and take part in international trips, workshops, experiences and programmes.

Exclusive partnership agreement. ESNE students will be able to access special conditions in courses given by the prestigious Colleges of the University of the Arts London. We are the only university institution in Spain with this type of agreement signed with UAL. Further information

Career opportunities

Hundreds of our alumni in Multimedia and Graphic Design are already working in the main companies in the sector in areas and positions such as:


  • Branding Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Art Director
  • Illustrator
  • 2D and 3D Designer and Modeller
  • Textile Graphics and Printing Designer


  • Photographer
  • Digital Artist
  • Motion Graphics Expert


  • Creative Advertising Graphic Designer


  • Designer of Web Environments, Applications for Tablets and Smartphones
  • Webmaster


  • Marketing Departments and Consultancies

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