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Lines of research


At UDIT we work on the following lines of research:

VR Simulation

Sustainable fashion design

Sustainable mobility

Design and management of the city and the territory

Housing and Health


Graphic Design and Multimedia Group

  • Project “Design for the City. Madrid, 1975-2020”. Collaboration with EL PAÍS and LUMWERG/PLANETA

Urban Design Research Centre

  • Project “New Challenges for the Security of the Urban Space: the Defence of the Collective Space”
  • Project “Management and Recycling of Suspended Urban Developments. Two transferable models: tourist residential assets and residential development in the regions of Murcia and Madrid”
  • Project “Strategies for the public management of urban housing stock in cities to improve the urban habitat of the elderly”
  • Project “Urban Design and Safe Mobility: Design of Roads and Systems for the Safe Transit of Pedestrians and Cyclists on Urban Roads. The case of Madrid”
  • Project “Modifications to the Urban Residential Model. The case of Madrid”

Product Innovation and Development Laboratory (PID_LAB)

  • Project “Underwater World Simulator” with NIMA WORLD
  • “Smart Bag” project. With BBVA and Fashion Design Area
  • “Drone simulator” project. CDTI Sánchez Mateos Workshop + EUROPEAN FLYERS + ST_LAB
  • Project “Sound table with AI features”. CDTI GROUND/AUDIO
  • “Suit for Mars” project. With GRAFENANO+ASTROLAND and Fashion Design Area “Electric Mobility” project. With WALLBOX
  • “Electric Mobility” project. With WALLBOX
  • Project “Customised Electric Vehicle Development” with ELECTRIC IDENTITY CARS
  • Project “Customisation of Vehicles (Design, Smell, Dashboard)” with GRUPO ANTOLÍN

Fashion Design Group

  • “Smart Bag” project. With BBVA and PID_LAB
  • Project “3D Repository of Textile Materials”. CDTI with DESILICO
  • “UTOP’TEXTILE” Project (Wearables, Fashion and Smart Fabrics)
  • Project “TAXHION” (3D knitted design)

Simulation and Technology Laboratory (ST_LAB)

  • Project “Developing Interactive Tools to Improve the Attentional Response of Children with Language Disorder and Maturity Delay”. With Complutense University of Madrid and “QUERER” Foundation
  • Project “Comparative Gambling Addiction Video Game Players”, with the University of Granada and UAM.
  • Project “Assessment of Mass Movements”. With LENOVO + FOQUM
  • Project “Behavioural Assessment in Shopping Centres”. CDTI With CUBELIZER.
  • Project “Complementary Assessment in Job Interviews”. CDTI With ABALIA.
  • Project “Virtual Reproduction of Accidents” Collaboration with UPM

Interior Design Group

  • “Houses That Heal” project with QHABITAT


If you have any questions or if you want to set up your access, please write or call us on +34 915 55 25 28.