Víctor José Martínez

Desarrollo de personaje por Víctor José Martínez. Proyecto completo con la creación de props y ropas elaboradas, acompañando de manera  realista al diseño y a la personalidad del personaje.


G!RO is a hyper-casual mobile game based on an “easy to learn, hard to master” design philosophy. The player will be in control of shooting a ship that keeps rotating on itself, moving the ship with different intensity with each shot. The game has an extensive customisation system, being able to change the scenery and […]

Pangs of conscience

Pangs of Conscience is a first-person survival horror game set in World War II, in which the player plays Heinrich Müller, a German doctor who is forced to desert the army due to the numerous insanities he has witnessed during the conflict. The horror of war, the bloody slaughter and the dehumanisation of people in […]

Find your tone

Ad libitum has created a serious musical game based on two basic fundamentals. Rhythm and musical notes: Find your tone.

Dave Tower Defense

“Dave: a very piggy fight” is an action game, which mixes the styles of a tower defence with a first person shooter. In it we will have to defend the gems from the power of the evil dolphins with our own hooves. The game is based on the basics of the tower defence genre: the […]

Pierce Planets

PiercePlanets is an arcade game that will require all your reflexes and skills to survive in a hostile universe. Your ship is trapped on a planet full of obstacles and colliding objects. In order to escape with your life, you must travel the distance shown in the User Interface at ground level, avoiding the obstacles […]


#PicOfTheDay is a 2D animated short film in which a boy desperately seeks fame by uploading photographs on social networks. Blinded by selfishness, his life becomes entangled in a convoluted situation due to his excessive ambition.

Con Un Par

Animation sketch where the main characters are two eggs inside a fridge. This sketch mixes several animation styles such as 2D and 3D. It looks for the absurd with a free humour and amuses the spectator.


Iridia is a video game that has been made in the Higher Cycle of 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments, where digital processes such as 3D modelling, texturing, custom rigging and programming have been carried out. This project is focused on the development of 3D adventure and puzzle games, with the aim of developing a […]