On the occasion of the centenary of the premiere of the play AMOR BRUJO by Manuel de Falla, the second year students of the Fashion Design Degree, within the subject of Fashion Design, taught by Pepa Mendéz, paid tribute to the master and his masterpiece. The talent of Toni Enriquez knew how to reinterpret the […]

Main à main

A new women’s fashion brand where prints are the main protagonists. Through creative workshops with the collaboration of the Asociación niños con cáncer afacmur, the children let their imagination fly by drawing on any theme that makes them happy. The result: prints that will become the hallmark of the brand’s designs. This project is a […]


Society finds itself in a context where clothing transgresses necessity and focuses on an exhaustive search for the unique and different. The fashion world has created a powerful market that has managed to extend its tentacles worldwide. From this externalisation, standards and prototypes of beauty have been created which the population, for the most part, […]


Guevara is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of fashion goods. Its main interest is to satisfy people’s needs, offering them an exclusive and high quality product. Located in Madrid, this company is characterised by the production of multi-purpose garments, that is, adaptable to both men and women, without losing their associated sexual […]

Elena León Peris

Elena León Peris

Capítulo7 is a young women’s fashion company directed and created by the designer Kuka León. CAP7 aims to be able to dress people with a particular character and personality, who shun sameness and seek to stand out and express themselves through their aesthetics.To do this, each season it reinterprets trends, giving them a new vision […]



The brand is aimed at designing and creating a new bridal concept that differs from what we know today. Providing values that mark a new way of understanding bridal fashion.


With a firm commitment to manual work and craftsmanship adapted to current design, Miala is based on a process of recovery not only of the shape of the hat, so important in the past and now forgotten, but also of techniques and ways of working that were common in the past. Each garment, each hat […]


The skin. The theme of the first collection of the LÍMBICO brand will reflect a new artistic and conceptual vision of one of the most important organs of the human body: its different tonalities, its shapes, what does it hide?



Expression was born out of a reflection on current advertising, the media, social networks and so on. Patchwork and folds are imposed as a means of expression in the face of society. They represent that idyllic band-aid or patch that is used to hide the truly relevant problems. In contrast, we find triangles in a […]